Day: March 16, 2024

Why Choose Industrial Canopies?Why Choose Industrial Canopies?

Whether you are a commercial property owner looking to expand the number of sheltered areas on your premises or an industrial contractor looking to boost production rates at a construction site, modular industrial canopies offer an effective, cost-effective and speedy alternative to traditional building construction projects. As well as boosting productivity levels and opening up extra space for marketing, industrial canopies provide many other highly valuable benefits that will help your business achieve long-term success and growth.

Protecting your goods and equipment against the British weather is a necessity, especially for companies that handle large volumes of delivery vehicles and stock daily. An industrial canopy can be built very quickly on level, hard-standing surfaces with no need for foundations and is a quick and easy solution to provide that protection for loading/unloading or storing overflow.

Maximizing Workspace Efficiency: Industrial Canopies for Various Industries

Designed to fit seamlessly with the overall design of your premises, these structures can be both subtle and visually attractive, blending in or standing out depending on your unique design. Often these canopies are added to existing buildings as an afterthought, but they are worth considering from the outset as they offer fantastic marketing and comfort benefits as well as reducing costs associated with damaging your products. If you are interested in having a canopy added to your existing premises, contact us to arrange a site visit to discuss the possibilities and prices. An adviser will be able to answer all your questions and advise you of all the options available.

Snus – A Smokeless Tobacco ProductSnus – A Smokeless Tobacco Product

Hey Snus is a moist oral tobacco product that users place behind the upper lip either loose or in portioned sachets which resemble miniature tea bags. Air-cured tobacco is ground, mixed with salt and water under strict quality and regulatory controls and packaged in the sachets. The sachets are sealed to prevent contamination during storage and transport. Snus is a different product to other smokeless tobacco products and is regulated in many countries. For detailed information on regulation at country level see the Bath TCRG’s searchable database of Tobacco Control Laws.


The available evidence demonstrates that snus poses less risk to health than cigarette smoking and, in contrast with cigars, does not expose the user to toxic substances such as tar and carcinogens from the combustion of cigarette tobacco. The harm reduction benefit conferred by snus use is reflected in national statistics showing that in Sweden daily cigarette smoking rates have been declining whilst daily snus use has been increasing. The same trend has been observed in Norway. The so-called ‘Swedish experience’ is now being replicated across Europe. Eurobarometer data from 2017 reported that cigarette smoking prevalence was 5% in Sweden and 12% used daily oral tobacco (Fig. 1; taken from [7]).

There is only limited epidemiological data relating to the effects of snus. However, two studies from the Swedish construction workers cohort showed an increased risk of oral mucosal lesions with regular snus use compared to non-use. The risk was not reduced after adjustment for age, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and dental hygiene. Other studies have reported a more variable picture of the risk of snus-related health effects.