50% of people will never know their computer systems have been hacked


Now that your world has become increasingly digitized – from photos and videos to music and podcasts to video games and e-books, the importance of backing up your data can never be overstated.

With Thursday, March 31 being World Backup Day, you need to ask yourself a very important question: do you back up your files and how do you back them up?

In today’s technologically advanced world, it’s never been more important than now to make sure your data on all your devices is backed up.

In 2020, people’s lives changed forever when working from home (WFH) became our reality due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, while some people have returned to the office full-time, many companies have adopted a hybrid work approach or are still working remotely and may not have considered how data is secured in outside the office.

According to consulting firm Bizmod, the pandemic has taken a toll on businesses and employees.

Whether from a personal or professional point of view, the dependence on devices has increased tenfold.

Bizmod explains that the complexity of managing a mixed work and family life has resulted in our work data ending up on our personal devices and vice versa.

Photos, chats, and chats are now on smartphones, making a backup strategy imperative for your phone and laptop or PC.

The World Backup Day website shares some alarming statistics that will help convince you to backup, if you haven’t already:

• 60% of backups are incomplete

• 50% of restores fail

• 20% of small businesses are at risk of being hacked every year

• 20% of midsize businesses lose critical data once every five years

• 113 smartphones are lost or stolen every minute

• 29% of data loss cases are due to an accident

• 30% of all computers are already infected with malware

• 21% of people have never made a backup

Today’s smartphones no longer only serve as a connection device, but are often an integral part of people’s lives.

Photographs, apps, passwords, emails and chats are all stored on these devices.

Bizmod adds that losing your data is more common than many of us realize.

If you haven’t already, make a small investment in a cloud subscription, back up your files to some of the easy to use online solutions like – One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive to name a few – or buy an external hard drive and commit to backing up all your data regularly.

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