Computer genius gives back to nonprofits

Paul Wamser, left, chats with Brett Hughes at Golden Scoop, an Overland Park non-profit ice cream parlor and cafe that provides meaningful employment for people with developmental disabilities. Wamser helped The Golden Scoop set up its IT infrastructure. LEAVEN PHOTO BY KATHRYN WHITE

by Moira Cullings
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OVERLAND PARK — If her Catholic upbringing taught her anything, it’s that giving back is the key to a happy life.

This lesson continues to guide entrepreneur Paul Wamser.

“I feel like if you take care of people and do the right thing, it’s going to come back tenfold,” he said. “If you treat them with respect and do the right thing, it will come.”

Wamser, whose family attends Divine Mercy Parish in Gardner, started his own business while a student at Saint Mary’s University in Leavenworth.

The goal was initially to earn pocket money, but her passion for helping small businesses grew.

In 2012, Wamser officially launched Z3 Technologies, a company that provides various technology services to other businesses, including IT consulting, website development, and data and voice cabling.

Over the past decade, Z3 has worked with small businesses and nonprofits to configure applications, computers, networks, SEO services, servers, and more.

Paul Wamser works with Amber Schreiber, co-founder of The Golden Scoop, to meet the store’s technology needs. LEAVEN PHOTO BY KATHRYN WHITE

He even helped SwimZip, a UV-protective swimwear company, build its website before it appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” TV show.

But one aspect Wamser enjoys most about his job is giving back to the community. Whenever possible, the small team of six donates time and materials to businesses in need.

Wamser’s team has helped organizations like Christian Psychological Services, KC Auction Angels, and Patriots Run.

The company also recently donated over 40 hours of time, along with a firewall and other materials, to help The Golden Scoop up its computer game.

Trey, left, and Paul Wamser chat while Wamser visits The Golden Scoop. LEAVEN PHOTO BY KATHRYN WHITE

The Golden Scoop is a not-for-profit ice cream parlor and café in Overland Park that provides meaningful employment for people with developmental disabilities.

While working with a client, Wamser learned that the store needed help setting up their IT infrastructure, and he was eager to get involved.

“Paul’s help was crucial because we needed a network to do business,” said Amber Schreiber, co-founder of The Golden Scoop.

“Paul set up Wi-Fi and mapped our computers to our store’s printer/scanner so he could print signs, to-do lists for our Super Scoopers, and scan important documents to our email,” he said. she adds.

Amber Schreiber and Paul Wamser make sure The Golden Scoop’s printer is working properly. LEAVEN PHOTO BY KATHRYN WHITE

Schreiber said Wamser understands how critical it is for a nonprofit like The Golden Scoop to have help.

“The donation of her time and equipment saved us a significant amount of money that we could then allocate to areas that directly impact the development of our employees,” she said.

The act of kindness made a big difference for The Golden Scoop.

“Gestures like these mean the world to small businesses [and] nonprofits like ours,” Schreiber said, “and it confirms that there are good people out there who want to help.

Paul Wamser stops for a photo with Super Scoopers Trey and Brett outside the Golden Scoop during a recent visit to the popular coffee and ice cream shop in Overland Park. LEAVEN PHOTO BY KATHRYN WHITE

Wamser, who grew up in St. Louis and attended Chaminade College Preparatory School, said her Catholic upbringing shaped her motivation to help businesses thrive.

“Having been raised Catholic, it’s amazing to be able to help and give back,” he said. “You get that sense of community.

“I find joy and happiness in being able to help people in general.”

Whether it’s fixing a dental practice’s x-ray machine or setting up a company’s Wi-Fi, Wamser feels it makes a difference.

“When I can see [these businesses] operating and doing what they love to do,” he said, “that fills me up too.

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