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February 25, 1985

Closed computer room at the college

POPLAR — Classes resumed Monday at Northwestern Middle School in Poplar following a wave of vandalism that nearly destroyed all of the school’s 15 computers, along with about 30 typewriters and laptops. other miscellaneous equipment on Friday evening.

According to school officials, spare typewriters available have already replaced some of the damaged ones, but school staff simply had to clean and close the computer room, with little hope of repairing any. of this equipment. Computer display terminals and keyboards, which cost $1,000 each, were smashed. The school’s main clock in the office was also broken, recording the burglary as early as 9 p.m. on Friday.

Three minors confessed to vandalism at the school, along with a school bus parked at Northwestern High School in Maple, after being arrested at 2 a.m. Saturday. No official damage estimate has been released at the school, but the figure could approach the $100,000 mark, officials said.

Maple’s middle school basketball team won both the North’s eighth grade league championship and the league tournament for the first time under coach Mike Jahn. Front, left to right: Deke Zychowski, Matt Hermanson, Buddy Becker, Mark Anderson, Brain Luostari and manager Greg Kortesma; middle: Bill Krejci, Mike Strevler, Mike Pocernich, Mark Pocernich and Scott Carlson; Fullbacks: Coach Jahn, Joe Tenny, Greg Nelson, Todd Janigo, Mark Weinandt, Jeff Tollas, Mike Burgal, Jeff Antilla, Rick Brill and Steve Rantala. February 27, 1985, Telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Burglaries were also discovered early Saturday at the Maple Co-op and Maple Feed Store.

Nebagamon telephone survey in progress

Several people from the 374 Lake Nebagamon telephone exchange and surrounding townships have asked the Public Service Commission to extend service.

An investigation is currently underway to find out the feelings of telephone customers before a public hearing can take place.

A petition campaign was conducted and 180 signatures from Lake Nebagamon telephone customers were forwarded to the PSC requesting possible wide area service between Lake Nebagamon and Superior. If approved, the service would allow Lake Nebagamon customers to call Superior without paying long distance rates.

To provide this service, monthly rates would be increased for Lake Nebagamon customers. Currently, a one-party home phone carries a monthly bill of $6.10, but would increase to $20.60 with the added service. One-party business phones would go from $8.60 to $37.60 per month.

Project workshops held for 4-H members

Ninety Douglas County 4-H members and leaders recently gathered at Northwestern High School for an evening of project workshops.

The instructors for the event were Pat Luostari, President of the 4-H Clubs – Exploration Project; Nancy Franz, 4-H agent – wildflowers and warm stuffed animals; Patzy Wiitala, 4-H leader – clothing; Bryan Hadley, 4-H Youth Leader – Food and Nutrition; Sharon Dalbec, 4-H Leader – Scrap Crafts; Jackie Plunkett and Carol Streveler, 4-H Leaders – Small Engines; Sid and Arla Palm, 4-H leaders – shooting sports; Linda Hermanson, 4-H Manager – Leather Goods; Keith Turner, 4-H Advisor – Photography; Joe Markon, Junior 4-H Chef – Carpentry; Audrey Markon, 4-H – Plant Leader; Dawn Falk, 4-H Leader – Dog Grooming; Diane Klumb, 4-H consultant – spinning; and Jeanette Johnson, Junior 4-H Leader – Horses.

Lara Carré, Clover Country 4-H and 4-H leader Patsy Wiitala make a bow tie. February 25, 1985, Telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

February 27, 1945

The snow loader is delivered

Jack Gangnon, left, and Jack Colter in a stunt with Dorothy O’Brien preview what to expect when the 16th annual Superior Ice Show comes on Saturday and Sunday. February 26, 1947, Telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

“Let it snow! Let it snow!” is now the theme song for the public works department as a new 74-horsepower Rotary SnoGo plow and loader, ordered by the city, was delivered to the city garage Thursday morning by Rosholt Equipment. , Duluth.

The old Fox loader, which gave street service men considerable headaches this winter due to numerous breakdowns, will be rebuilt as soon as possible and used as emergency equipment.

February 27, 1985

Go down

The 57-year-old Arrowhead Bridge, out of service since being replaced last fall with the new high-level Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge, is being razed. The work is being carried out by Park Construction Co. of Minneapolis under a $751,000 contract. The 200 feet southeast of the old wooden span on the upper side will be retained as a fishing pier, a place where anglers can set a line as they have done for years from the Wisconsin Approach to Old bridge connecting the western sections of Superior and Duluth.

DC Petition on Lehman $$ Rejected

Douglas County applied to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals for a writ of injunction in an attempt to avoid paying the legal fees of convicted bank robber William E. Lehman Jr., 35, but the court appeal dismissed the motion.

Lehman, who was convicted earlier this month in a retrial on part of the 1980 conviction, had sought and was granted permission to defend himself in the retrial effort because he had previously fired five public defense lawyers. Lehman also asked a lawyer to help him prepare his case for the retrial in connection with the May 1980 armed robbery at the South End branch of the First National Bank.

Chippewa Falls Reserve Judge Robert Pfeffner ordered that Lehman was entitled to legal assistance and that Douglas County should pay for that assistance.

Robert Edwards, an instructor in the criminal justice program at the University of Wisconsin-Higher, was hired by Lehman.

Edwards’ bill on the Lehman case has been submitted and amounts to $8,000.

Intended to protect pedestrians waiting for car traffic to cross the street, this safety island, one of two installed Friday morning at the intersection of Tower Avenue and 13th Street. The islands, measuring four by twelve feet, are painted yellow and lit with overhead lighting. They are in place as temporary installations to determine their effectiveness in reducing pedestrian-vehicle crashes and to determine if they have value in relieving congestion at these points. It was observed on Friday that many pedestrians, unfamiliar with the vocation of the islands, strolled around them. The installation of the islands was recommended by the National Highways Commission, which does not favor stop lights as a solution to traffic problems at the intersection, one of the busiest in the city. February 28, 1947, Telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

February 28, 1985

The ice cream man is coming

Ice fishing can be addictive, but not in Al Wortley’s case. He never gets to fishing – he’s addicted to the ice itself.

“I got hooked on ice 15 years ago,” said Wortley, a professor of engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

“I was a design engineer with a private consulting firm responsible for designing a marina for a Lake Superior port. I did, and my quays sank, crushed by the ice of the first winter. Ever since that experience, ice has fascinated me,” he said.

For the past eight winters, Wortley has traveled along the frozen shores of the Great Lakes, examining ice conditions and damage to docks, piers and other port structures in a study done for the UW-Madison Sea Grant Institute. The goal of his research is to develop ways to prevent the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage caused each year by lake ice in the Great Lakes region.

Articles and images courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet of the Superior Public Library.

The Superior Blues will compete in the Wisconsin State Class AA PeeWee Hockey Tournament this weekend in Milwaukee. They are, front left to right: Sean Storie, John Larson, Bob Johnson, Eric Smith, Chad Siegel and Jim Walrath; middle: Ryan Lozon, Jeff Rengel, Mark Couture, Pat Golat, Tyler Walsh, Pat Dzikonski, Jon Noble, Clayton Weiby and Chris Hak; back: coaches Bob Zimmerman, Ray Liebaert and Jeff Liebaert. February 27, 1985, Telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

The Lucius-Young sawmill, four miles northwest of Solon Springs, was one of the stops on Sunday’s deer and forest survey tour by Douglas County Sportsmen led by Forester D State Alex Yorman and the Douglas County Fish and Game League. Pile of poplar logs, awaiting cutting for the backdrop of this group of sportsmen gathered around Yorman, center of the group with checkered shirt and hat, who explains the logging operations. February 28, 1947, Telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Rho Chapter, recently awarded prizes to the winners of a creative writing contest for third, fifth and seventh graders. A total of 68 students participated in the competition. The photos receiving their awards are, left to right: Jamie Franks, third grade, Pattison, Melissa Denny, third grade, Nemadji School, Brad Nicoski, third grade, Bryant and Kyle Thompson, third grade, Patzau School; and back: Justin Quinn, seventh grade, Cathedral Junior High, Barbara Evered, president of Delta Kappa Gamma Society and Mike Dixon, fifth grade, Pattison. February 27, 1985, Telegram

Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

These girls from East High learn the proper technique for caring for infants, which will help them take care of little siblings, nephews and nieces. The home nursing course is taught by Miss Judy Flinn, a Red Cross nurse. Pictured are Janice Artcliff, Dorine Corbett, Miss Flinn, Madeline Johnson and Nancy Hunter. Home nursing is taught in city and county high schools. February 28, 1947, Telegram

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