Hampton Academy Computer Technology Students Create Public Service Videos

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A screenshot of one of the public service announcements created by Hampton Academy students. (Photo courtesy of Hampton School District)

HAMPTON — Superintendent Dr. Lois Costa and Chief Technology Officer Amber Levine are pleased to announce that Hampton Academy students recently put their video editing skills to good use by creating informative public service announcements.

The public service announcements were developed by eighth grade students in the computer technology class, taught by teacher Sue MacNicoll.

Students chose from the following PSA topics: Texting and Driving; Harassment on the Internet; Take care of the environment; vaping; See something, say something; Clean the beach; Wear a bicycle helmet; and Women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

“We teach our students about technology in elementary school, starting slowly with easier applications and progressing to more advanced platforms,” ​​Principal Levine said. “Through this project, the students were able to apply many of the real-world skills they learned over the years to create content suitable for television.”

Students could choose to work individually or in groups. A total of 32 videos were created using the WeVideo video editing platform.

The videos had to be one to two minutes long. Students researched facts from credible sources, chose music that set the tone for the topic, and created a slogan.

Students learned valuable skills, including how to set the tone, identify an audience and convey a message, while developing their video editing skills.

“I learned to create a feeling and to play with people’s emotions so that they care about the issue. I was able to understand how different music relates to images and words to make a point. It led to the creation of a public service announcement that I feel satisfied with,” said student AJ Homicz, who created a public service announcement about environmental protection.

Public service announcements will air on community access channel 13 every 15 minutes from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. for the next few weeks. Videos will also be featured on Shark News, a weekly show produced by MacNicoll and his students and viewed by students across the district.

“It was the first time this PSA project was offered, and it couldn’t have gone any easier,” MacNicoll said. “My students put so much attention and care into these videos, and they should be so proud of the end result. I look forward to doing this project again next semester and seeing what the students create.”

The computer science students’ next project is to create animations for Shark News using Adobe Animate.

To view all PSAs, please click here.



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