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How to Find the Best CBD

Unlike standard medications, which often have one or two mechanisms of action, CBD appears to affect dozens of different molecules. The entourage effect (meaning that CBD may work better when paired with other chemicals found in the plant) is a major reason why it can be so effective.

Is CBD oil safe or addictive?

While the science is promising, it’s important to discuss any plan to try best cbd with your doctor. They can review whether it’s safe for you, if there are other options to try first, how to do a trial run and how long to wait for a return visit to evaluate results. They can also talk about potential side effects, such as fatigue and digestive issues. In general, CBD is well tolerated and has been shown to have few serious safety concerns at moderate doses.

In our search for the best cbd, we focused on companies that have strong customer service, transparent practices and great products. We also looked for organic, USDA-certified hemp products and those backed by third-party certificates of analysis. Because the hemp used in CBD oil absorbs contaminants, selecting certified organic is essential. We also favored companies that prioritize sustainability and social justice—like Lazarus Naturals, which is employee-owned and vertically integrated, with an impressive B-corp status and assistance programs that give discounts to veterans and people on disability.

This no-fuss company has a wide range of lab-tested oils, gummies and lotions made from organic EU hemp. They also have the second-longest money-back guarantee we’ve seen and use ethanol extraction for their oil, which helps to keep the THC content low.

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