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Alyssa “Lil” Khor looks at Bella Rosenthal, left, seniors at Iron Mountain High School, and Annslee Runsat’s Decision Maker app project. Khor, a 2015 IMHS graduate, addressed the AP Computer Science Principles class.

Iron Mountain –

Renee Yake’s AP Computer Science Principles class at Iron Mountain High School hosted guest speaker and Iron Mountain High School alumnus Alyssa “Lil” Khor, November 23.

“I would really like this course to be offered to me,” Khor talked about the class she spoke to while explaining her background and training that led her to her current position as a computer programmer at Ramsey Solutions in Franklin, Tennessee.

After graduating from IMHS in 2015, Khor attended St. Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin, majoring in computer science. She completed an internship at Systems Control in Iron Mountain where she expanded her skills in C#, Javascript and HTML.

Khor mentioned that during her senior year at St. Norbert College, she listened to Dave Ramsey about eliminating student debt. Now you’ll find her at Franklin, building tools for developers, using Python, Ruby, and Typescript, at Ramsey’s company, Ramsey Solutions.

After speaking and answering questions from the class, she took a look at the students’ Decision Maker applications they are working on in class.

Alyssa “Lil” Khor

“What sport(s) should I practice?” is the subject of IMHS seniors Bella Rosenthal and Annslee Runsat’s project, which helps the user narrow down the best IMHS sports options available based on their preference, gender, and schedule availability.

The Decision Maker app is part of the curriculum that Yake has taught since fifth grade at Iron Mountain High School.

The course is made up of 2/3 coding and 1/3 computing principles.

Khor said about coding, “Is it like solving a puzzle, working on a problem all day to find the best solution? »

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