IT Security Experts Gather to Participate in the 34th Annual FIRST Conference


Global incident response and security teams from around the world will gather for the first time in Ireland for the 34th annual FIRST conference, titled “Neart Le Chéile: Strength Together” at the Convention Center in Dublin, from June 26 to July 1, 2022 .

More than 1,000 people from six continents will attend, as the nonprofit aims to ensure global coordination and cooperation between IT security and incident response teams.

From Tonga to Tanzania, Greece to Guatemala, Australia to America, participants from nearly 80 countries are leaders in their fields. Governments, universities and businesses all have a critical agenda as cybersecurity concerns continue to rapidly increase around the world, and global coordination is now vital to making the internet safe for all.

Google’s Maddie Stone dives into the unknown at the conference, focusing on 0-day exploits used in the wild. A security researcher on Google Project Zero, she will share crucial insights and insights into previously detected 0-day attacks — which occur when a cyberattacker abuses a completely unknown vulnerability — to help delegates defend organizations. and society in future incidents.

The five-day event will explore various themes with contributors from industry and academia, notable organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Japan National Police Agency, Amnesty International, United States Agency for cybersecurity and infrastructure security and the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity. .

Other notable discussions on the agenda include preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Games, prioritizing detection implementation with intelligence and ATT&CK, incident response investigations in the cloud age, Ransomware – the new normal in cybersecurity, decoding diversity talks, stopping Phish before it even sends, analysis of SolarWinds supply chain compromise, diving into SMS PVA fraud and lessons learned supporting national responses to COVID-19.

Chris Gibson, CEO of FIRST, commented, “This year’s conference program is both intuitive and timely, with our speakers covering topics spanning the full spectrum of IT security – from the practical to the emotional.

“As a membership organization, we strive to ensure that our annual conference provides as much value as possible. Over the course of five days, our goal is to inspire and empower participants to take new thinking and tools with them into their daily roles as they continue to defend people around the world against cyberattacks. .

Brian Honan, CEO of BH Consulting and Program Chair of the FIRST Annual Conference, added: “Dublin and Ireland provide an ideal setting to host leading experts in this field as the cybersecurity industry is on a trajectory significant growth on the island. The recent State of the Cybersecurity Industry in Ireland 2022 report indicates that by 2030 the industry will account for €2.5 billion in GVA – an increase of €1.4 billion on 2021 – employing over 17,000 people.

“This conference is essential for the global community of incident responders and security teams. After two years of pandemic uncertainty, we can all come together in person once again to address cybersecurity issues in a united way to create a solution and ensure organizations can continue to operate with limited disruption. Our theme, “Neart Le Chéile: Strength Together”, is exactly how we, as experts, will defeat criminals and protect people against cybersecurity attacks in the future.

Cyber ​​specialists must work together to fight online crime, as many cases do not occur in isolation or only in one geographic area. FIRST provides the single platform for everyone to come together and work towards a safer cyber community for all.

At the FIRST conference, attendees will share goals, ideas and information on how to improve global IT security, with delegates learning the latest incident management security strategies, deepening their knowledge and technical knowledge about security problems and solutions, and gaining knowledge about network analysis. vulnerabilities.

In addition to numerous talks and panel discussions, the conference also includes lightning talks, vendor showcase and exhibits, and networking opportunities.

Featured sponsors of the 2022 event include: AWS, SentinelOne, Uptycs, ENISA, Torq, Palo Alto Networks, Tines, LinkedIn, Amazon, Ericsson, OTRS, Mandiant, Group-IB, Conceal, Joe Security, Fortinet, DomainTools, ThreatRay, Intezer, Recorded Future, Cybereason and Google.

Many exhibitors are also present, including Arctic Security, Bank of America, CTM360, Thinkst Canary, NRD Cyber ​​Security, EclecticIQ, Intel 471, Semperis, VMRay, Quarkslab and Mitiga.


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