The Fiji Times » ‘Comments exemplify inability’ – ‘Dismantling’ computer labs


Education Minister Premila Kumar’s comments that she intends to “dismantle” computer labs in schools and replace them with computer tablets are a prime example of the FijiFirst government’s incompetence, the official said. lawyer for Suva, Richard Naidu.

He said the reasons given by Ms Kumar for her new plan were because she had seen computer labs with outdated computers “gathering dust”.

Mr. Naidu said and based on that she decided on her own that tablets were a better idea.

“They form their ideas as they go, don’t consult anyone and speak without thinking,” he said.

“She speaks using the word ‘I’ – ‘I this, I that’. These things don’t concern her. They concern everyone in our educational community.

Mr Naidu said the government had already had to borrow $1.8 billion this year to cover its expenses.

“So how can he afford new tablets for students?

“Many schools in Fiji have computer labs because parents, teachers and friends have raised funds, donated equipment and secured sponsorships.

“The Minister insults these contributions from school communities. She kept thinking about partnering with the community to make school computer labs work better.

“And the real issue isn’t whether computer labs or tablets are better. It’s about how best to equip our school children for a 21st century electronic world.

“If she stopped to think and consult with others, she would learn that there are many different alternatives.

“She would learn, like me, that tablets are not the same as computers and cannot teach school children the basics of computing.

“The Prime Minister says the opposition has no policy. But his own ministers, who have entire government departments and aid organizations advising them, certainly have no idea.

“Fiji can certainly do better than that.”


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